The gathering of years separate us.

Distance divides us

and we are insulated from each other

by a veneer of indifference.   

Our memories are caged in solitary confinement,

untouched and undisturbed, under lock and key;

Until, in an act of mutiny,

an errant thought– fugitive from the past–

slipped into your mind

and broke into your unsuspecting heart.

All we ever were is laid bare

a trove of treasures, pristine and preserved, 

unsullied by Time

to be relived…to be continued.



My mind eclipsed and entered yours…

past a rush of memories steeped in shadows,

some submerged, sodden,

some forgotten;

yet not a single one of me–

a dearth of recollection of ever having loved me.

No birdsong or stirring beast,

no rustle of shivering leaf     

as I moved through the darkness of your indifference.

All roads to your heart were closed.

Not a murmur that I had ever been there.

It was sudden night

except the light shining through the moon.   


What am I to do?

A city girl gone country sure ain’t new

Though I tried to belong, no city slicker’s gonna turn you on

Oh Nashville, I wanted to.

Gave it all to you

I found me a honey and you kept him, too.

I’ve been living the life of the country songs I came to write

Oh Nashville, just for you.

Nashville, I’m leaving you the dreams I had

Oh Nashville, take care of them ’til I come back

Oh Nashville, keep them as a souvenir.

And will you please tell everybody when you see them

It’s killing me to go and your the reason.

But don’t say nothing ’bout these tears.

A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do

Said goodbye to my honey, now I say goodbye to you.

But it don’t seem right

I don’t want the glitter, just my name in lights

Oh Nashville, and I want you to.


Well, you know, I’m really down;

I feel like I lost what I never found.

What I saw just wasn’t there

and where I’m going is going nowhere.

Had the world right in my pocket

opened my heart but had to lock it.

This heartless town keeps me on the ground

I’m L.A. bound on a merry-go-round.

Been alone with myself too long

cause I’ve been thinking what I never had has gone.

What went wrong?

Can’t see the road for all the fences.

This kinda life is sort of senseless.

I keep trying but it’s getting confusing

when you’re looking to win but always losing.

Got the blues and I’m feeling bad cause

I’ve been thinking ’bout the hard luck that I’ve had

and it’s so sad.

Got a dream that I’m going to make it.

Can’t get the breaks and it’s hard to take it.

This kind of news keeps me crying the blues

cause I’m looking to win but always lose.

Looking to win and getting used.

Looking to win but always losing.

 My ego woke me up at five o’clock in the morning, fearful that everything I have done–my music, my writing–will perish.

When the person that was me dies,

everything will die with it.

That is probable.

But the questions that I sought the answers to have been answered.

I am not within time.

I am not captive within the confines of space.

I am space.

The limitations of the mind’s clock

will no longer be.

Yes, how like sleep my life was lived.

But I awakened before death.

No longer trapped.

I lived out my individual script

and played my part until I broke free from the conditioning.

I do know what and who I am.

That was the purpose for me being here.

That is the purpose for all of us being here.

All forms dissolve.

They are expressions of Consciousness.

I am Consciousness.

That is the “I”




Hello, moon.

Yes, he’s gone–light-years away by now.

You were snuffed out,

threatened with extinction,

extinguished like a candle flame

and disappeared under the black robe of unbearable night.

Wasn’t it me who said loving him was never having loved before?

Wasn’t it he who professed it was impossible to love me more?

There are no stars to get my bearings.

I am lost.

The minutes turn into hours

and every hour becomes another day that he stays away.

My arms cannot grasp the vacuum.

O moon, Help me!

Light the way that I may see.


We kept on changing partners

while the band played on.

With the music moving through me

I found you in my arms. 

There was only ever this dance.

The last dance was our first.

I’d rather have this moment now 

then many half their worth.

No promise of a future that never will arrive 

Nor looking back at yesterday;
No past therein resides. 

I  need not know about you, 

from where or whence you came.

All that is, is all I need,

than changing partners once again.