About the author

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Ronaye (Shandler) Hudyma


               My lifelong career has been in the entertainment business, beginning at The Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto where I studied classical piano and voice; continuing as a solo performer in the medium of stage, television, and nightclubs across North America, the Orient and beyond. But the glitter and glitz never endure, so I started composing music–a natural transition and smooth progression, which segued into writing songs.

While I was performing at The Palomino in Los Angeles, as luck would have it, a production company was in the audience and requested demos for three of my songs. Not only were they encouraging but suggested I come to Nashville, which they called a “writer’s town” where the only prerequisite was to have the heart of a poet and the skin of a rhinoceros. Before they could hang up the phone, I was packed, ready to go, and on my way. Soon, I landed my first exclusive staff writer’s publishing contract for 8 years, enjoyed my new career and stayed until Life had other plans for me, upon which I took my final bow, curtsied, and exited Stage left.

So, where does the poetry come in?  I’ve always been writing as a form of introspective expression or a proclamation of love, or the wonder of being alive. I started a diary soon after I left high school and some of these poems are from there–the unbridled, unfettered, uncensored raw emotion of one very young, with not much ego yet to protect. But in actuality, what I thought was unique to me, is simply human emotion that all of us experience to greater or lesser degree.

Most are current–penned from the sheer enjoyment of doing so. I put them on this site in the event there is something there you recognize in yourself. Several of these poems are published as Editor’s Choice in Poetry Magazine in Chicago.