I get the feeling this is never going to end.

Just when I think you’re gone, you’re right back here again.

Damn these memories you won’t let me forget.

What good is in goodbye if it’s not over yet?

I needed someone’s arms to help me break the fall.

I held a lover who I never loved at all.

But when she touched me all I thought about was you.

Nobody else can make me feel like you still do.

You’re out of my life forever but that doesn’t make it better.

Every day is one more without you.

You don’t know how I miss you…but I’m still with you.

Every night, every dream’s about you.

Go on! Get out of my heart! Leave it alone!

How can I ever be free if you don’t ever go?

Go on! Get out of my heart! Why do you stay?

You drive me out of my mind. Go on! Get away!

Get out of my heart!